Heating and Cooling

Shephard Services is pleased to offer Frigidaire heating and cooling equipment. We sell and install everything needed to keep your home or office comfortable and worry-free. From central air and heat pumps, to gas furnaces and electric air handlers, we will be happy to handle all your residential and commercial needs. All units come with a 2-year equipment and labor warranty and up to 12 years of warranty coverage on parts. Extended warranties are available upon request.

Air Purification

We also offer top of the line abatement air purifiers that can be easily installed on most HVAC systems.  These purifiers use three filters and a UV light to remove dust mites, bacteria, allergens and odors from the air in your home or office.  How many of these contaminants are your current air filter missing?  Improve the quality of the air you breathe; call for a free estimate today.